Dear Editor,

On June 13, the citizens of Caliente will have the opportunity to vote for their mayor. Victor Jones, the current city councilman, has thrown his hat into the ring. Mr. Jones has pledged to continue the team effort, of the past four years, that has awarded numerous grants to the city such as:

• Funding for the mountain bike trail system and skill park, currently under construction.

• Funding for the Flood Assessment Map that allows the City of Caliente to apply to FEMA for the reduction of homeowners’ flood insurance costs.

• A $25,000 business analysis grant to investigate the anticipated increase in tourism within the next 1½ years due to the attraction to the area by international bicycling enthusiasts.

• $7,500 from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (G.O.E.D.) to provide an estimate for the renovation of the Caliente City Hall, the depot, one of the town’s great attractions. The estimate will make it easier for Caliente to keep receiving Low-to-Moderate Income Funding causing it to be eligible for future depot renovation aid. Such funds in the past have built the City’s fire station, rebuilt Well #2, installed French drains and, of course, acquired capital for the new pool building.

Victor Jones has worked diligently with the current city administration on these projects, with a focus on improving living conditions for its citizens. Victor has also promised to maintain the efficient management of the City Hall from the goodwill and hard work of its office staff to the great job that the utility crews do daily. We’ve heard Victor frequently say, “teamwork is number one in any organization.”

In closing, Victor Jones has completed all the classes through the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities awarding him the status of a Certified Public Official; only one of the several reasons that we encourage folks to elect Victor Jones for Mayor of the City of Caliente.

Dave & Marcia Hurd

Caliente, NV