Dave Maxwell
New seating at the county commission chambers at the courthouse in Pioche.

The remodeling of the desk in the county commission chambers has been completed and used for about a month now.

Commission chair Paul Donohue said the idea of doing something to replace the former table has been in the works for about the past five years.

Commissioners for a long time have sat, all in a line, at the table, and often had some problems with being able to hear, or even see and talk to the person at the other end of the table without having to lean forward or back.

He said, “We talked about remodeling the horseshoe shaped table we had and making it even more horseshoe shaped and easier to see one another. A few years ago, we contacted Mr. Klein, contacted a local cabinet maker, about doing the remodel.

Unfortunately the price was more than commissioners could handle at the time and decided to budget the project over two years. “Budget half one year, then half the next and pay for it.”

Donohue said drawers and filing cabinets were also added to the remodel. “We all have a larger drawer in which to keep papers and such.”

After holding about three meetings at the new desk, which is also the same room for Jury deliberations and the county planning commission, Donohue said, “It has definitely accomplished what we wanted. We can look at each other better while we’re talking and hear better. You get a better read on the situation. It’s better all the way around.”