There was a packed house at the city council meeting June 1 compared to the usual four or five attending. Mayor Hurlburt and Councilman Ahlstrom were absent.

A conditional use permit for Frank Scuff to have two Nigerian Dwarf Goats was tabled due to a questionnaire not being included included in letters to neighbors.

A business license was approved for Country Comfort Boutique, Morgan Stackhouse. The boutique is mobile.

The Planning Commission gained a new member, Bobbi Jo Hart joins the group. There are seats available that need to be filled. Just let city clerk know.

Approved Resolution 2017-04 to decrease mosquito charge to customers from $2 to $1.

Approved Resolution 2017-05 to adopt a $1 Debt Reduction Charge to be added to utility bills.

Approved contract with American Ramp Company for the SNPLMA Round 15 Grant Mountain Bike Trailhead, Skills Park & Trail Project to be submitted to Lincoln County for final approval.

Review of bids and recommendation of award for SNPLMA Grant Parking & Street improvements on the Alice Street Project to be submitted to Lincoln County for final approval.

The city has room available for rent in the Depot. See city clerk

The increased attendance was regarding an increase in monthly trash fees. Jerry Carter has spent numerous hours studying and negotiating with Lincoln County and presented options to the council. A $1 increase will be added to residential customers and will set a new schedule for commercial customers based on increase in costs from Lincoln County for hauling and disposal.

Business owner from the Shamrock Pub stated that they have residents putting their trash in the bin which drives his cost up. Carter said he didn’t know if residents knew that the bins by businesses were being paid for by those businesses and were not for public use. Suggestions to label bins with “ for business use only “ was suggested as was businesses locking their bins. Councilman Christensen brought up looking into special event rates.

Also brought up was people throwing furniture, pallets, and tires into the bins at the transfer site. They are for trash only, so that it can be compacted as the city is charged by the cubic yard.