Alamo Sewer and Water met on May 18 for their annual budget meeting. Capital improvements for the 2017-18 budget include work on Purple Sage, well number four and tank cleaning this fall. Other items to possibly include connecting well number four’s pipe to the vault of well number five that is located just south of four. Also, they will look into a bid for fixing the sewer valve between two of the sewer ponds. It’s not an immediate concern to fix but needs to be addressed down the road. The operational revenues total $294,200 and the operational expenses total $288,400. The non-operational revenues are $3,000 and the non-operational expenses are $16,703. The budget was approved by the board members present.

Also discussed, Billy Pulsipher would like a new water hookup at the old truck stop. He is requesting a one inch valve service to supply his lot with water for his pumpkin patch, that includes melons as well. The installation request was approved by the board.

The results of the extra noncompliant samples of water from the Sandhill well were returned. The engineer from Farr West Engineering suggested to take more samples after adjusting the speed of the well pump. It is currently working at eighty-two percent capacity. There are perforations from 540-1,080 feet. Samples were overseen in an eight hour span from 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. and the results for the noncompliant samples were on or above the 10 parts per billion (ppb). All compliant samples taken from the water tank that are part of the annual average still test under the required 10 parts per billion (ppb) for arsenic. The board would like to finish up work on well number four in hopes that the draw for irrigation moving to well four will help when testing a slower speed on the Sandhill pump. Decisions are tabled until the meeting in June. Information and quotes are being collected about needing an upgraded pump if the depth is lowered and costs associated with different fixes. Currently, the static water level is at 180-181 feet when running the pump.

The well number four pipes have all been located and a new line at the back of the elementary school to the drinking fountain is being installed. It was proposed to get quotes on renting a mini excavator for the rest of the work on well number four, as well as work for Purple Sage, the football field valve replacement and other jobs where needed.