The Pahranagat Valley Fire District met as a board on May 17. They started out by reviewing a tentative budget for 2017-2018. Estimated revenue for next year was a total of $230,337. Broken down, it showed $62,000 from Property Taxes, $33,000 from Grants, $49,937 from Consolidated Sales Tax, $40,000 from Ambulance Fees or Revenue, $45,000 from Donations and $400 from Interest. The total estimated expenditures for the next fiscal year are $230,337. That includes $50,000 for Salaries & Wages, $24,000 for Employee Benefits, $116,337 for Services and Supplies, and $40,000 in capital improvements or outlay. The budget was approved as the final budget and the vote was unanimous.

Ryan Rhodes, EMS coordinator, gave the ambulance report. He traveled to Philadelphia for the purchase of the ambulance and found it was as advertised. He bought the vehicle and got temporary tags for it and drove it downtown and as they were getting off the freeway, the vehicle started to surge and killed on them. They had driven it 90 miles. They had the vehicle looked at by those that had sold it to them and found that the high pressure oil pump was going out. Rhodes and Hansen made the decision that a medium duty vehicle with an international engine isn’t the best fit for the district. The sellers returned the cashier’s check and returned the deposit money on the vehicle. An ambulance that is either brand new or a used model between 2008 and 2012 is preferred for purchase. The decision was made to hold off on purchasing another vehicle and using the two ambulances they have currently and try to obtain a grant for a new ambulance in November/December of 2017. Rhodes also is renewing Pahranagat Valley Fire District’s state license.

Roberta Hess, Emergency Management Chair, said the Pahranagat Valley Emergency Response Committee (PVERC) meetings continue to be a success. All entities know the plan and are on the same page during an evacuation or when staying put. She would like to get the Fish and Wildlife involved with the plans as well. The end goal is to have every entity be a part of an Emergency Operations Command (EOC) with one plan during emergencies to prevent confusion. In case of an evacuation for emergency, the issues of passing lanes on Highway 93 were brought up and the hope of making the highway more safe for travelers.

Steve Meldrum gave the Fire Chief report. He mentioned that May 20 are the physicality classes which needs to be attended. They would like to also auction off the red old firetruck and both old ambulances. This will be added to the agenda for June’s meeting. The Fish and Game building was given back to the Nevada Fish and Game. The battery in the water truck is getting fixed. Cords were purchased to hang down from the ceiling in the barns, especially Hiko, to reach outlets and not have cords driven over. They also will replace boxes and meters in their facilities.

The next Pahranagat Valley Fire District meeting is to be determined.