A 47-year old Las Vegas woman, lost overnight in the mountains east of Panaca, walked out on her own power Monday morning.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said Tami Roitman, her husband and a couple of other friends were hiking in the Gleason Canyon area Sunday, southeast of Pioche in the Panaca Summit area.

Lee reported she was hiking with her husband and some other friends and “got turned around and went the other direction. Soon it became dark and she got lost. But she was smart, and knew how to handle herself. Fortunately she had a lighter, was able to make a fire and hunkered down for the night. Temperatures got pretty low up there Sunday night,” he said.

At daybreak, she got her bearings by the sun and was walking toward the incident command post that had been set up for the search teams.

Lee said Roitman’s husband and friends did look for her Sunday evening without success and called the Sheriff’s department about 6:30 p.m. A couple of deputies were sent, but nightfall came soon after and the search was suspended. “I felt the weather, while chilly, was good enough that she would survive. She is known to be an experienced outdoor person.”

“However,” Lee noted, “the area she was in is real rugged, a real unforgiving terrain, and I was quite concerned with her being missing, she may have gotten hurt.”

Lee explained, “Unless we think it’s a life or death situation or a child, we don’t try to search at night. It’s too risky searching in the middle of the night and was so rocky and heavy trees, it would have to be searched on foot.”

On Monday morning, the Search and Rescue team sent about 12 people to the area to establish a command post at the mount of Gleason Canyon to begin the search, but Roitman was walking toward them when found. She was in good condition and did not require medical assistance.