The Pioche Chamber of Commerce’s June meeting was canceled because of lack of a quorum. However, the group met last month.

In attendance at that meeting were Candice Mortenson, Les Derkovitz, Mary King, Wes Morton, Diane Morton and John Doherty.

Thompson Opera House is now open. Derkovitz will be there on Saturdays. Mortenson called Cory Lytle to get $800 from the town to help for the summer, but the request was denied. They are going to try selling mugs and magnets at the Overland and Opera House to raise money.

Two new grants are being applied for for next cycle for a new website and advertising in the RJ in Las Vegas. The new website being planned will make it easier to network with members and events.

The new Labor Day logo is out for 2017 with the theme “Spirit of the West.”

Two new shows planned at the Opera House a magician for Labor Day and Johnny Cash cover in November.

The group plans to put a Beautification Committee together and put to a vote at the next meeting. King will be heading it up with the first order being to paint buildings that are peeling on Main Street.