Mary Cordle
Mayor Stana Hurlburt in her final Caliente City Council meeting June 22

The Caliente City Council held a special meeting on June 21.

Canvass the election results of the June 13, there were 213 ballots cast with the outcome of 108 for George Tommy Rowe and 103 for Victor Jones. With two ballets with comments and no votes cast.

The council approved renewal proposal and payment for the year 2017/2018 to Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool.

On June 22 the council held its regular listing, the last for outgoing mayor Stan Hurlburt.

McGarren Segler requested to build a batting cage at Super Park, with all thinking it was a good idea. The council has to check on the insurance aspect of it so the item was tabled for now, McGarren was encouraged to check back.

Lu C. Hales came before the council for appeal of power rates, stating that she thought the meter was being misread. Jerry Carter said he would check the meter out to make sure that there were no problems with the meter.

The council denied a donation of water to Nevada Department of Transportation for their road project.

The planning commission has two new members, Anna Perkins and Keith Comella were appointed.

Resolution 2017-06 was denied. This was to set salaries for mayor and council, and increase in mayor’s pay when the mayor’s responsibilities include being the city manager. Future Mayor Rowe stated he was not in favor of this.

Approval was given for a contract with Sterling Codifiers for update of city codes. Dylan Frehner said this is an absolute need, the codes are a mess and this will be very beneficial. This will also include building codes. Ken Dixon said they did a good job with the county and the price was good. The price is $7,500 and in the budget. The council will approve the changes when done, and it will be put them on the city web site.

Approval was given for a contract with Pearson Brothers for parking/street improvement portion of SNPLMA Round 15 Grant, with the changes suggested by Dylan Frehner.

Carter was called out of the meeting when a power pole was damaged in Agua Caliente Trailer Park.

Two item also were tabled: Enter local Agreement with Nevada Secretary’s Office for access to Nevada’s Business Portal and the review and identify areas of City Employee Policy that need to be updated.

Hurlburt said that the pool has sold 29 Summer passes and the pool has been busy.

The next meeting will be July 6 at 6 p.m.