Outgoing Mayor Stana Hurlburt reacts as she enters the room for her surprise party.

A surprise retirement party was held for Mayor Stana Hurlburt – who ended her tenure on July 1.

The room at the Depot was set up with tables, chairs and the smell of tacos, with beach decorations, a large group of people waited for her arrival. Walking through the door was a surprised mayor even to be more surprised when son Tony walked up to hug mom. He had driven up from Arizona.

People came and went to show their appreciation for her dedication and hard work and to support on her next adventure. After eating, some went out to the pool for desserts made by Ashley Weideman and daughter Brie Davis.

In the last four years Mayor Hurlburt has worked with the city council to reduce the city debt and getting grants to do Spring Street, the pool building,effluent splitter screen, Linear Park, Bridge to CYC, French Drain, HVAC in the depot, flood map, Meadow Valley wash, sidewalk, fire department, wells, Nevada Division of Forestry and the Mountain Bike Trails.

She also was key in training the lifeguards and all the kids that took swimming lessons. The list goes on and on as the mayor spent her time arriving early and leaving late and working on some weekends to find solutions to improve the city.

She worked hand-in-hand with the council and other agencies for improvements to the city.

It’s clear by the ammount of support she received how much resients appreciated her time as mayor.