Mary Cordle
The Caliente City Council met on July 6.

Mayor Rowe called the latest Caliente City Council meeting to order with the presentation of the flag by Ben Segler and the pledge led by Eagle Scout McGarren Segler.

The council approved the appointment of John Ahlstrom to fill the vacant seat on the council. His term was up and had to be approved and sworn in. Kelli Haluzak swore him in.

The council and public listened to a presentation from Wi-Fi in the Park. They have a pilot project at Cathedral Gorge, enabling cell phone users to access wi-fi internet at that location. They expressed interest in having locations on the mountain bike trails, saying this could alleviate the problems of lack of service when special events bring people into town. During open discussion with the people present, questions were asked about having wi-fi when the races are happening for faster update. After the slide show and open questions and answers they left it for the council to think about.

With discussion among the council about approving a Conditional Use Permit to Frank Scuff to have two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, letters had been sent to the neighbors for their opinions, only two wrote in against the idea. The planning commission had discussed this and suggested the council approve it for one year and if there were any complaints it would be revisited at that time.

Zack Livreri asked the council for exclusive use of the Industrial Park and closure of Clover Street for an off-road race August 12, 2017. Approval was given if the residents along the route have no problems and having proper dust control.

Teva Avery was approved for a business license for doTerra Essentials.

Donald Jackson with Best in the Desert Sliver State 150 was approved for the donation of water for the race on September 22 to 24. There will be a vendor located in front of the school, and there will be charges for solid waste bins that will be needed.

Eagle Scout McGarren Segler brought the plans for a batting cage at Super Park. The project was approved.