The 79th session of the Nevada Legislature closed in June without having specifically addressed an initiative to encourage maximum use by the state of the Caliente Youth Center facilities.

Mike Baughman, executive director of the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority, made the report at the regular meeting of the group June 26.

He said, “There are at least two cottages at the center that are not being used.” In part because the numbers seem to fluctuate in the winter months and some of the staff positions at the center were unfilled. This in turn, he reported, has an impact on the number of students at C.O. Bastian High School.

Baughman did say that the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services had resolved the short-term funding issue related to CYC regarding low student counts at C.O. Bastian High School at the youth center, but that “ a long-term solution has not yet been found.”

Lincoln County School District staff have been in continuing talks with the DCFS seeking to develop a solution.

State funding for the Lincoln County School District, of which C.O. Bastian is a part, is based on the number of students. Baughman told the LCRDA members he will continue to focus on ways to make full use of all CYC cottages “to maximize resident population and related employee levels, which would be a win-win for everybody.”

At present, some students, in certain circumstances, are being sent out of state, Baughman said, but if the state can work out various details with private contractors to provide some of the services needed at CYC, some of those students could be assigned to C.O. Bastian. It would also increase the employment generated by the youth center.

Baughman mentioned that “the state has talked with us about the likelihood that a school in Elko, Northeastern Nevada Center, an all-boys school similar to Spring Mountain in Las Vegas, might close in a year or two, “and that may result in a redistribution of students, some hopefully to CYC.”

The high school at that facility is named Independence and plays in the 1A North (east) League. They are slated to play a non-league football game in Alamo against Pahranagat Valley Sept. 8.