Mary Cordle
GG’s Country Store in Caliente is holding its grand opening this weekend.

GG’s Country Store is the fourth variation of the mercantile business started by James H. (Jim) Gottfredson in Pioche in 1927. His first store was a meat market, Jimmy’s Cash and Carry, located in the building next to the historic Silver Cafe.

In 1932, when the mines went down in Pioche, the railroad was flourishing in Caliente. Jim was able to buy a dry goods company in Caliente from Mr. Ben Douglas, who he had clerked for in a men’s haberdashery as a teenager. Jim and his wife Orena moved with their three children and their grocery merchandise to Caliente. Combining the groceries and dry goods they created their second business, Gottfredson’s Department Store.

Shortly after world War II the Gottfredson’s Son Jim Jr. And their son-in-law Wes Holt both bought into the business. The mines were again booming in Pioche, so they decided to opened another location of Gottfredson’s Department Store in the Thompson building, which is now Lincoln County Museum. After the death of his father, Jim Jr tried having a branch of the business in Ely. But before long he decided to sell his interest in the business, leaving Wes Holt the sole owner.

After Wes expended the Caliente store into five buildings, his son Mark and son-in-law Kevin Phillip, both bought into the business and then decided to divide it into two businesses, creating Mountain Mercantile.

Now GG’s is a division of Mountain Mercantile.

“This is Grandpa Gottfredson’s Country Store,” says Teri ( Holt ) Phillips, owner, who grew old working in the second and third store.

The community is invited to take a step back in time at 170 Front Street, where fixtures and furnishings from the old stores are still used and valued.

After 90 years of continued business, GG’s Country store will be selling men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, gifts, bags, souvenirs, home and office supplies, candy and spices, baby gifts, health and beauty aids, craft supplies, jewelry, seasonal items, games and puzzles, housewares, books, home decor, greeting cards and more..

The grand opening is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday July 20-22 (2017), from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m..

For the Grand Opening there will be a big sidewalk sale featuring new merchandise at inventory reduction prices. There will be hundreds of dollar items as well as hundreds of items marked $2 and $3. There will be birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, and more.

Selected classic yarn will sell for $1.99 And Super Save for $2.99. Selected fabric will be $2.00 per yard and many other values at this overstock sale.

During the grand opening visitors will receive a free box of SEE’S Candies, A 5-ounce box of peanut brittle with purchase of $50 to $99 or a 4-ounce box of chocolate with purchase of $100 or more.

GG’s Country Store is located at 170 Front Street #524, Caliente, Nevada 89008-0524. Phone number is 775-726-3077. Email is