By Collin Anderson

Last Thursday, the school board for the Lincoln County School District was able to meet and discuss a variety of subjects concerning the education and wellbeing of the students.

Beginning with a vote on the payment of bills, including the buyout of sick-leave hours from one retiring teacher, the board moved on to a discussion about giving the students at CO Bastian the opportunity to take the HiSet exam, which could possibly be their only real option for obtaining a GED, according to Superintendent Pam Teel.

After discussing retiring teachers, approving the fall sports schedule for the upcoming school year, and discussing the hiring of a counselor for LCHS and an independent part-time psychologist, the highlight of the meeting began: the evaluation of Superintendent Pam Teel. To begin, they noted that some of the questions were unnecessary due to the school district’s relatively small size and Superintendent Teel suggested that they go through some of the questions and eliminate the unnecessary or strangely worded ones. Overall, the review showed that the board had a high regard for the superintendent, as she had shown a high level of interaction with the board, a great ability to organize the district and a wonderful interaction with the faculty of the schools under her responsibility.

Both Tyrus Mizer and Wade Poulson made many positive comments, as well as the rest of the board, which includes Patrick Kelly, Carolyn Harr and Peggy Rowe. During the meeting, the board also discussed the trainings they will have to undergo while participating on the board and the IT acceptable use policy. After receiving the NASB report, and after all of the superintendent’s and board comments, the meeting then adjourned with quite a few of the matters brought up by the board referenced and resolved.