By Dave Maxwell

The Lincoln County office of Emergency Management is looking for volunteers to assist in helping in time of local emergencies.

County Emergency Management Director Rick Stever said, “We are trying to recruit people interested in forming a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Lincoln County.”

He explained, “This is a national program that does require some training, teaching volunteers proper procedures and techniques to assist in emergency situations. Instead of people just showing up in an emergency, wanting to help, but not knowing what to do, the CERT people will be trained on what procedures need to be followed.”

Stever does not say other people should stay away, they might come to offer moral support to the victim(s) and first responders.

“We are also trying to establish a local Red Cross organization within the county, under the direction of local supervisor Christy Blood of Pioche,” he said.

The American Red Cross has quite a bit of training that can be done on line from the convnience of your own home. Stever said, “If we can organize a group within the county with Red Cross credentials, Red Cross might be willing to provide a few supplies to be stored in the county. If we have this, then we can respond quicker locally with supplies rather than waiting for Red Cross to bring them from Las Vegas or St. George. And if the situation might warrant, additional teams from outside the area could be brought in.”

The volunteer members of the Community Emergency Response Team will not be asked to fight fires or work on an ambulance, Stever said, “We have staff for those tasks already. The CERT volunteers would be used to set up shelters, do paperwork tracking people’s needs, or man a place where the public can go to get information on the current status of an emergency.”

In addition, Blood said she is looking for volunteers for what she calls a Disaster Aid Team (DAT) in each town of Lincoln County. “The teams will consist of two team leaders and hopefully five or more volunteers. The volunteers would need to register for either CERT and/or Red Cross and with the Lincoln County Disaster Aid Team.”

Training for CERT will be in November. Those who complete the training will be given a special state certification card which county commissioners have said they are willing to purchase.

The Red Cross trainings sessions will be held in September.

Blood said the trainings will prepare the volunteers to be able to assist in times of floods, fires and other types of natural disasters, to help with traffic control, crowd control, shelter, and food and water for first responders and those of the community.

The Emergency Management Program soon having a special Rehab trailer on site will be of great help to the program as well.

Blood noted the DAT members will help disaster victims with clothing, food, finding access to services and finding shelter, if needed.

For more information about one or both programs, you are asked to call Rick Stever at 775-962-2376, email: Lincoln, or Christy Blood, 775-962-2865, email: