Tall bike Ed and his grandson Brennan had a chance encounter with a world cycling traveler named Carlos Popelka and his cycling companion Catherine Enos of Palo Alto California.

Popelka is originally from Frankfurt Germany. The two met in Seoul Korea nine years ago. Enos was a teacher on tour and Popelka was cycling the area.

They kept in touch over the years and then decided to ride together in the United States. They met up in June as Popelka would be riding in the United States coming in from Canada to Montana and over to Colorado.

Enos rented a car and drove to meet Popelka in Kremmling, Colorado.

From Colorado they are riding to Palo Alto, Enos’s home city. They average between 50 to 80 miles per day.

Ed and Brennan met the duo at the Caliente dollar store as the bikers were picking up road goodies.

After chatting with the bikers, Ed called me to ask if I minded that they stay in the yard overnight.

I of course said, YES!

We all enjoyed dinner and great conversation about all of the countries Popelka has ridden his bike in. He started in 2006 when he left his job and decided to ride all over Australia. He was hooked and has never regretted his decision.

He calls no one place home and is a perpetual traveler, exploring the world with his bike and sometimes a friend or two sharing a great bike tour adventure.

Enos is a sixth grade teacher who enjoys running, traveling and riding her bike. She has a bubbly, joy-filled adventurers heart.

So how does Popelka make money to support his riding habit? He said, “I have a savings, and I use it, my needs are few as I sleep in my tent and only buy food and a lot of water. Everything I need is on my bike. I fly from country to country, and when I am done exploring my bike goes with me.”

After Palo Alto California, Popelka will head to explore Mexico, Baja and on to South America.

It was so educational to see what they packed on their bikes and how each day is paced and planned to achieve where they need to be and have enough water and supplies to stay hydrated and healthy.

Hearing how to survive the elements, people and language barriers was fascinating. Oh, and on a side note, we took them on an Illuminated Night Ride on our bikes, they loved the ride and Caliente.