Dear Editor,

I am a lifetime resident of the Town of Pioche, worked on many community projects and attended more meetings than I can count to better the Town. I am writing this letter in regards to a vote the people of Pioche are going to be asked to cast in the very near future as to how best handle our utilities. After attending several meeting in this regard, I feel we simply CANNOT give away our utilities. It would be adding one more nail to the coffin of our Town, as these utilities are our main means of revenue to support the Town and without them we would, in all probability, lose our two parks, green cemeteries and pool, as we would now have no income to pay for the water and upkeep of these pleasures.

We have been told that the power needs many repairs and they need to be made as soon as possible, but that is no reason to give up the ship – we figure out the best way to handle it and take care of it. The Power District is very capable of handling the situation, but didn’t come looking for it and will do anything they can to help us fix it. We must bite the bullet – acquire a loan or bond and sub-contract to the Power District to do the job.

As to the water, sewer and equipment – why would we even consider turning these over to the L.C. Water District aka Board of County Commissioners.

They have zero (0) customers and have no knowledge of how to run these utilities. If needed a piece of our equipment – it could be anywhere in the county or perhaps even in Mesquite or Tulle Sprangs (people, these are in Clark County – does that tell you something?).

We need to stick it out as we are, we will have local (Town) representation

and some control of our future.


Peggy Decker