The new and improved Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa is open and it’s calling your name. This unique and fully renovated motel offers a luxurious stay that incorporates the hot springs directly into the building.

There is a rich history packed into the motel. It first began as the Culverwell Hotel in the early 1900s, when it was established by the Culverwell family on their family ranch. The hotel drew in miners, railroaders and cowboys after a long and tiring day at work to soak and relax in the natural spring water.

After many years the Culverwell Hotel was redeveloped into the Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa, and is currently owned by Jan and John Cole, who recently renovated and reopened the facility.

“Our interest in Lincoln County started in the late 1990s,” Jan Cole said. “We were driving off-road on a full moon night. We could see the spectacular Rainbow Canyon walls and a stream reflecting in the moonlight. We decided to come back in the daylight to see this gorgeous place.” She continued, “We stayed at the Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa and soaked in the fresh natural mineral hot springs water.”

She said they fell in love with the motel and purchased it in the spring of 2004.

From 2004 to 2007 the motel was open to the public. It hosted many family reunions and recreational groups. Then in mid-2007, the facility was leased long-term for employee housing until 2015 when the Coles closed it down to do some serious remodeling. In March 2017, they opened it to the public again with brand-new features.

With a blue, and white color scheme, the motel and spa has a sleek and modern look. It has eighteen rooms, six of which have natural mineral hot spring water in jetted baths. All of the rooms have 32-inch flat screen televisions, microwaves and refrigerators. Some have small kitchens, others have kitchenettes, and one has a full kitchen with an electric range. The motel also has a bathhouse with four private soak rooms and drop-down tiled soak tubs. It also has a grassy/shady park, a fire pit and an outdoor BBQ area.

Not only do people come from all over to the motel for a fun getaway, but many also come because of the health benefits the natural mineral spring water has to offer.

“We were surprised at how many people came for their health,” Jan Cole said. “We had guests that soaked to relieve the pain of fibromyalgia.”

She added, “An oncologist from St. George sent his patients to soak when they were recovering from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. He felt that the minerals in the natural mineral hot springs water would increase the alkalinity PH in their blood and assist their recovery.”

Natural minerals in hot spring water also boosts blood circulation, improves metabolism, eases arthritis, reduces stress and provides many more health benefits, Cole said.

With the motel open, the Coles have added more rooms to accommodate the growing number of visitors to the area.

After putting in a great deal of work to create a place visitors can enjoy, they are excited about what the future holds for tourism in the county. From natural hot spring baths, BBQs with the family and comfy night rests to opportunities for adventurous days under the sun, the Coles hope to see you at their motel soon.