By Marinda Lamb

The Lincoln County High cross country team has a lot of potentials.

Runner Shayla Mathews said, “We have a solid girls and boys team, which hasn’t happened for a really long time.”

Normally, cross country has five runners competing from each team but now they changed to four because it’s a smaller division. Their top four boy runners right now are seniors Cody Dirks and Ben Culverwell, sophomore Chance Christensen and junior Lincoln Frehner. Guy Heaton is a junior and also new to the team.

The top girl runners are seniors Hannah Bleak, Shayla Mathews and Ashlee Decker, and they are not set on the last runner yet. Ginger Culverwell is a freshman and is said to have a lot of potentials. Bleak is new to the cross country team as a senior this year but is already doing really well.

Dirks said, “I think we have a lot of potential this season. We have a lot of fast, dedicated runners who returned and a couple new ones. I think we have a good chance of taking state this year.”

The Lincoln County Cross Country team has its first meet on Aug. 26 at the Southern Utah University Invitational.