With lightning, thunder, and rain pouring outside, the Caliente City Council held their meeting on Aug. 3.

The council approved to donate up to $1,000 to the Caliente Senior Center to help pay for liability insurance on the building. Bonnie Hadden told the council that there are some small repairs needed to the building and they have had fund raisers for that and other items and would appreciate any help they could offer. This comes out of the room tax fund at no cost to the city.

Resolution 2017-11 providing for the transfer of City’s Private Activity Board Volume Cap to Nevada Rural Housing Authority was approved. Caliente has transferred $371,753.50 in used volume cap to NRHA since 2006, which allowed NRHA to assist nine families in Caliente. In Lincoln County, NRHA generated over $2.7 million in mortgage assistance to 21 families.

Approval was given for an Interlocal Agreement with Nevada Secretary of State’s Office for access to the Nevada Business Portal. This will allow the City Clerk to access the portal and check to make sure that businesses have gotten their state license before they issue them one for the city. Home businesses that make $27,000 or less do not need a business license from the state, just the city. With a lot of back and forth discussion between the councilmembers, Steve Rowe and John Ahlstrom voted yes, and Victor Jones voted no. After 30 days the city can withdraw if they don’t like how it works.

Approval for the Mayor, council and city staff to attend the Nevada League of Cities in Mesquite on October 10-12, with them paying for their spouses, was passed. Funds are budgeted for the mayor and council to attend.

The first reading was given to Bill #2017-01 ordinance #182, adding Chapter 17 to the Caliente City Code and establishing the requirement and process for using appraisers and other procedures for sale or lease of real property owned by the City of Caliente

Regarding an SNPLMA grant for the mountain bike trail project, Ken Dixon stated the city is waiting for the contractors to put a design together so the council can give approval or not.

Regarding the CDBG Waterline project, SHIPO has more that they require. Mayor Rowe has a meeting to discuss this.

Pearson and Brothers should begin work on Alice Street. There are poles that need to be moved and a power outage was expected for a few hours on the 10th.

In the City Clerk’s report, Saturday, Aug. 5 is the closing of the pool. Dolan and Edwards will be coming in to check the computers to make sure there are no breaches.

Planning commissioners were set to meet Thursday at 5 p.m. They are working on the master plan a chapter at a time.

Depot commissioners will meet Monday at 11 a.m. in the council chambers.

The lightning, thunder, and rain moved on just in time for the meeting to end. Dixon stated that there was a lot of water coming down Meadow Valley Wash when he was coming into town and would check on his way home.

Next meeting is Aug. 17 at 6 p.m.