By Marinda Lamb

The Lincoln County Football team had a scrimmage this past weekend in Ely, Nevada. Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, “We did pretty well, learned some things, figured out what we needed to work on this week in preparation for our first game.”

Some of the players that were talked to said that if they had been keeping score, the Lynx would have easily won. There was no specific thing that stood out; they did really well all around.

Wadsworth said, “The kids played well; they played as a group. They were eager and willing to help each other out and pick each other up. They listened when the coaches were giving instruction. As a whole, just pretty good.” They still need to work on the basics, like getting where they need to go, tackling, and knowing their own individual assignments.

So far, the Lynx are looking good. Wadsworth says, “Looking forward to starting the season.”

The team is at Dayton for its first game tonight at 7 p.m.