By Collin Anderson

On Aug. 10 the monthly school board meeting was held, with all but two of the board members present.

The board was updated on Pahranagat Valley High School’s shop and its progress, and they were informed that the next major step in that process was to add the sprinkler system. After a few more inspections, they should have the shop up and running in approximately one semester (around December of this year or the following January).

Another subject that came up was the recognition of the honor crew that cleaned up the grounds of Lincoln County High School recently, as well as Mr. Gubler for providing rock to help fill in the gaps in the school’s landscaping.

Pioche Elementary School also wanted to recognize Mike Anderson, who helped repair the air conditioning in preparation for the beginning of classes. They also mentioned that the school’s Capital Improvement Project was almost finished and that they were looking forward to seeing the results.

Once the schools’ reports were finished, the board was treated to a small presentation about “Summit Learning,” which could change the way the students of Lincoln County are taught. While the program is still only in its infancy in our county (limited only to the pilot program in Pioche), the presentation showed how different learning methods could be incorporated into the education of our children and could, in theory, lead to students that are better prepared to solve the problems they might face in the future. This program focuses on project-based learning and has a major focus on mentoring and constantly pushing the student to do their absolute best.

After a few questions that mostly focused on the parents’ involvement and how their concerns will be handled, the board voted to approve this pilot program.

After this, the board discussed the fact that Lincoln County will no longer be using the food services that they are currently enrolled in after August of this year and that our county will be responsible for their own food services. This decision was made due to a combination of unhappiness with the current food quality as well as the rise in the price of these services. This caused a bit of a discussion, but once most of their concerns were recognized and responded to, the board approved the move.

Finally, once the payment of bills was approved, the board turned to the hiring of new employees, starting with the hiring of a school psychologist and the hiring of a new paraprofessional at C.O. Bastian. Then, after a food service hire and the approval of the cross country schedule, the meeting was closed and scheduled for next month.