By Marinda Lamb

On Friday, the 25th, the Lincoln County Football team traveled to Dayton, Nevada to play Dayton High School’s football team. Dayton is a lot larger than Lincoln County High is. Considering that, the Lynx didn’t do too bad. The end score was 44-38, Dayton. Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, “It was pretty good, for our first game. The outcome wasn’t what we had wanted but it was a good learning experience.” They learned a lot about what they need to do and fix before their first home game on Friday, September 1st.

When the first quarter ended Dayton was up 22-8. At half time the score was 22-30 and Dayton were up. By the end of the third quarter, the score was 30-30. Dayton only outscored Lincoln County by 6 points in the last quarter. Wadsworth said, “We could have easily won the game but we missed some key opportunities.”

Brothers Landen Smith and Noah Smith were key players in this game. So was Mason Thornock as the quarterback. Wadsworth also mentioned Hunter Cluff as an important player, he stepped up a lot for the injured players on the team. Some of the other players say Cluff’s almost touch down was the highlight of the game for them. Wadsworth also said, “A lot of kids stepped up and filled a role they haven’t done before. We learned, and now we’re moving forward.” Dayton High School was a lot bigger school and in a bigger division than the Lynx are. They were a good team and it was a very good learning experience for our football team. The Lynx are facing White Pine High School’s football team in the game on September 1st. The boys and coaches have learned from this game against Dayton and they are ready to apply that knowledge in the game against White Pine.