Alamo Sewer and Water met Aug. 8.

Farr West Engineering was at the meeting to update the board on their Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) progress and align their focus with the priorities of the board.

The list of ideas included the installation of isolation valves, Purple Sage, installation of arsenic treatment at Sandhill Well, replacement of an undersized four-inch line to Buckhorn Ranch, installation of a second production well, consolidation of transit lines throughout the valley, well number four for irrigation and a new tank at the airport, as well as improving water quality in dead-end areas.

A suggestion was made to use a higher grade for a well so the arsenic deposits in the lower depths won’t be a problem. If getting a new tank is something in the future, there is a possibility of receiving money from the state to pay for the infrastructure to put it in. There are also principal forgiveness loans from the state. The rest can be funded through loans through the USDA.

If the board chooses to install an arsenic treatment center, test averages can possibly be lowered down to two parts per billion (ppb). The plant would need to be placed by a sewer line. The preliminary cost would be $1.7 million. The operating costs would be $15,000-$20,000 a year. The pH levels would also need to be adjusted by chlorination. The levels are currently good and the running average is still under the federal guideline of 10 ppb.

Well, number four has all of the pipes in and is hooked up. They are working on the pressure relief and how to handle it. The parks’ irrigation was identified as a top priority.

More policies were discussed and reviewed, including accumulation of sick leave for up to a month.

A couple accounts have been delinquent and the policy and guidelines don’t directly address the complexities involved. Policies and procedures were discussed to handle the unique nature of these circumstances.

Nate Collier passed his wastewater certification.

Finally, Tyrel Walch asked the board to use an existing hookup for his business. The board recommended his request be considered for action during the next meeting, which will be Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.