Sherrie Barker has spent 24 years serving the community at the Alamo Clinic.

Grover C. Dils and Lincoln County Medical Associates wishes to spotlight one of our longtime employees, Sherrie Barker of Alamo.

Sherrie has been married 31 years and together with her husband Kenny has 5 children between them; 9 grand kids and 2 great grand kids. Sherrie started working at the old Alamo clinic in December of 1993 with PA Ron Ludwiszewski. Now, 24 years later is working in a wonderful new clinic with PA Robert Schofield. Sherrie loves spending time with all of her family and friends but grand baby snuggles are the best. Sherrie also enjoys reading and doing cross stitch. Sherrie says she absolutely loves camping, hunting, fishing, and boating at Lake Mead and cherishes the association she has with her extended family/coworkers and all the patients at the clinics and hospital.

Co-workers were asked to describe Sherrie using one word; here are just a few… Loyal, dedicated, compassionate, caring, honest, and trustworthy! Thanks for all you do Sherrie Barker and for your 24 years of service to our community.