By Marinda Lamb

On Tuesday, the Lincoln County High School volleyball team played its first league game against Adelson.

Coach Chantel Holt said, “I think it went really well. Due to injuries, we had to change up our offense completely. We went from two setters to one setter. I think Adelson was a really good team to be able to work with that.”

The girls had one week to learn a brand-new offense, and they were down three players for most of that week. Considering that, the games went really well for the Lady Lynx.

Lincoln County and Adelson played two matches of two out of three sets to 25. The first sets went by quickly because the girls were able to pull ahead very early on in the game. The last game was a little slower. Adelson started to try to get everything over the net as soon as they could. The Lady Lynx won every set to 25.

This is Adelson’s second year having a volleyball team, so they are still in the process of learning what they’re doing and figuring it out. This is why it was a good team to try out the team’s new offense on. Still, Lincoln did very well, even with this huge change. They had tried this offense out earlier in the season and the setters were uneasy. This game forced the team to come out of its comfort zone and make a big adjustment. Holt is hoping this change will make the team more aggressive, which is always a good thing.  

Seniors Brooklyn Hafen and Kailey Kelley and junior Kylee Cameron had some good hard serves that helped the girls pull way ahead.

Holt said, “That kind of kept the game moving forward. If we weren’t serving in, it would have been a completely different game.”

On Thursday, Sept. 14, the Lady Lynx will go down to Las Vegas to play Lake Mead. Then they’ll head to the Boulder City Tournament on Friday.