Collin Anderson
“A Little Off Broadway” performers rehearse a number for their upcoming shows

By Collin Anderson

This month, our community will be entertained with a series of nights full of song and dance provided by our own group of performers: the “A Little Off Broadway” troupe.

These dedicated artists have been working three days a week, three hours a night, outside of their normal day-to day responsibilities to prepare a show worthy of their Broadway peers. They’ve been practicing song after song to make sure that every note is clear and every step precise. The songs they plan on performing in their repertoire include “Sheri,” by the Four Seasons, which features prominently in the musical adaptation of the group’s story, “Jersey Boys.” Newer songs are also being added to the mix including “Broadway Here I Come,” an emotional telling of the dedication and the leap of faith it takes to perform and fulfill your dreams.

You’ll laugh hard at “A Musical!”, the comical retelling of Nostradamus giving a young playwright a semi-accurate prediction of the future of stage plays musicals!

Of course, the classics will be there too, with the familiar “One” making a return. The entire crew of performers is excited to present their art to the audience, and from someone who has performed side by side with these talented people, I guarantee it’ll be a night to remember.

The fun begins on Sept. 14 and continues through Sept. 15, 16, and 18, at 7 p.m. each night. A great time is waiting for you at Neldon C. Mathews Auditorium in Panaca, “with song and dance and sweet romance, and happy endings happening by happenstance” (From A Musical!)