Alamo Sewer and Water District met Sept. 5.

Tyrel Walch followed up on presenting a letter from Bingham Walch, saying his water hookup can be used for Tyrel’s property. The board approved the action.

The Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) from Farr West Engineering was approved, pending a change to make digging a new well a number one priority. The town’s water tank is listed for getting a new coating and the board would like to also repaint the exterior of the tank in the next couple of years.

Shain Manuele, their attorney, was present to discuss the backflow prevention policy and the new policy’s language and updates to the cross-connection control program. This matter was tabled until next month’s meeting, along with whether Manuele is kept on retainer or working hourly, as needed.

Well, Number 4, by the ballfields, is complete except for the pressure relief. After that is established, the cap can be put on the football field. Everyone involved will be informed during that process. Since the system will be using 300 gallons a minute, they might have to run three at a time instead of two.

The Sandhill Well wasn’t pulling a lot of water and it was discovered that the check valve had a hole eaten through it. The collar was found to be worn and the pump was damaged. Carson Pump loaned a pump for the well and the board approved buying a new pump. The board plans on fixing the broken pump and will fix it to use as a backup in the future. The new pump will take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.

The Industrial Well was run during the repairs to the Sandhill Pump.

In the Employee Report, the clinic has the backflow device needed for compliance and they are coordinating to get it installed. Trevor Laird is taking the T2 certification test on Sept. 22.

The suggestion was made to create a sub-account labeled Depreciation to add funds in increments which can cover costs for equipment fixes. This will be discussed further. The next meeting will be Oct. 3 at 7 p.m.