The first item on the agenda during the Sept. 7 Caliente City Council meeting was Dana Lee Fruend, the art director of Creative Artists of Lincoln County (CALC), asking the council for the use of what is known as the Art Room in the Depot. It has and will continue to be, the purpose of CALC to encourage and support all forms of art in Lincoln County.

Fruend went on to say that CALC wanted to thank the city for providing room #21 with office space upstairs. The City provided a room where the arts had been stored since the group dissolved a few years ago.

The council approved City Attorney Dylan Frehner drawing up a contract for the use of the room. Since there are other groups that use the room at times, a schedule needs to be created so this can continue, with a certain amount of advanced notice. So far, the board members of CALC are Arts Director Fruend, President Cara Lee Frehner, and Vice President Anna Perkins. The positions of secretary and treasurer are unfilled.

Jerry Anderson of Sunrise Engineering was at the meeting to take back signed contracts with the City pertaining to the Caliente Floodway Improvement Project, funded by City of Caliente Flood Risk Assessment’s CDB Grant. The contract was for $175,000. With revisions and Sunrise’s approval, it was cut down to $156,80, leaving the City with a cushion of $18,200 if things come up.

Sunrise was the lowest bidder. Jerry Carter asked that all maps and information be turned over to the City so that the next generation won’t be dealing with the same sales problems.

People aren’t buying property in Caliente because of the high cost of flood insurance. A suggestion was made to revise the contract to the state. The contract was revised and signed.

Kelli Haluzak was approved to go to the annual POOL/PACT Human Resource seminar in Reno on Sept. 28-29 with the cost to include travel and lodging.

The policy setting rate for special events impact fees was tabled as well as Bill #2017-01 Ordinance #182.

There will be a special meeting Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 6 p.m.

The regular meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. Both meetings will be at the Depot.