By Marinda Lamb

The Lady Lynx had a long weekend of volleyball. They started out by playing their second league game at Lake Mead last Thursday.

Coach Chantel Holt said, “Before the Lake Mead game, we had a couple girls with injuries. The practice has been different because we’ve been missing two to three girls for over a week. So when we got to the game, we really only had about eight players.”

Holt added that being one of the first league games, the team was a little unsure of what to expect, which showed up in its passing and serving.

“How we approach the game should never be based upon what the other team brings,” she said. “It should always be based on how we’ve decided we’re going to attack this game.”

Lincoln ended up being able to push through and won both games 2-1 and 2-0.

Holt said, “The second match had a much different momentum than the first one did because we were taking care of our game and not relying so much on waiting to see what Lake Mead was going to do.”

The next day, the girls participated in the Boulder City tournament and fell into the lower bracket before eventually being eliminated by Virgin Valley.

Holt said, “I believe that a lot of what we’ve got going on right now is a mindset. We’re really working on changing it, but it’s a mindset that I’ve seen in these girls for more than just this year.”

The coach added, “I’ve seen them make progress. They’ve gotten closer and closer to what I want them to do, but we’re not all the way there yet.”

Every game the team played was within two or three points.

Lincoln County will play at Meadows today starting at 5 p.m.