By Marinda Lamb

The Lincoln County High School football team played and won their first league game against Lake Mead Christian Academy last Friday.

The Lynx fell behind in the first quarter, going scoreless, while Lake Mead put up 10 points. However, Lincoln turned it around in the second quarter, outscoring Lake Mead by 17 points.

Noah Smith had two touchdowns at the beginning of the second quarter. Landen Smith also got a touchdown about halfway through. Landen and Mason Thornock tacked on two points after every touchdown.

At halftime, the score was 24-17, Lincoln County, and neither team was able to score in the third.

In the fourth, Landen and Noah Smith each scored another touchdown to put the game out of reach. The final score was 36-23, Lincoln County.

Both teams turned over the ball three times, but the Eagles were held back by multiple penalties, helping the Lynx pull ahead and win the game.  Coach Raymond Wadsworth said, “We did well in all aspects of the game, offensively, defensively, special teams, just had a really good game. The first quarter we had a couple turnovers, and they capitalized. Then we buckled down and played Lincoln football.”

The Lynx still have a lot to improve on. When asked what the boys could’ve done better in this game Wadsworth said, “Everything. Basically, football is two things, blocking and tackling. If you can block and tackle better than the other team, you are going to win. So obviously, we are focusing on those two aspects, and then putting everything else together.”

The boys’ next game is on tonight at The Meadows School in Las Vegas. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.