With the announced retirement of Lincoln County Emergency Management Coordinator Rick Stever, who is also the Lincoln County District Fire Chief, the Board of County Commissioners has been considering options for his replacement.

At the county commission meeting on Monday, it was decided to form a committee to investigate the best options to pursue.

Stever has been doing both jobs and has told the board in previous meetings that there really is enough work for two people. He has suggested the county consider hiring at least a full-time Emergency Management Coordinator and maybe have the fire chief be a part-time position.

One of the options the committee will look at involves using the county grants administrator to do the large amount of paperwork involved with the Emergency Management Coordinator, which is three-quarters state and federally funded.

Commissioner Varlin Higbee said, “We need to create a job description and may even decide to move a position around so we don’t have to hire another one.”

A second option Higbee mentioned involved hiring a full-time Emergency Management Coordinator and a full-time District Fire Chief. Another would be finding a person to volunteer to serve as County District Fire Chief.

He said the other fire districts in the county, Pahranagat, Panaca, Meadow Valley, and Caliente, are run by a volunteer, “and we may go that direction if we can get a volunteer.”

The Lincoln County Fire District, set up by mandate of the state legislature, helps supply training, equipment, and funding to the local fire districts to cover areas outside of their own borders.

“But there is still somebody that has to administer that fund,” Higbee said, “and we may try to find someone to volunteer to do that.”

Commissioner chair Paul Donohue said the committee would consist mostly of the local district fire chiefs, including Sheriff Kerry Lee, and a few other select individuals. The committee was not completely determined during the meeting.

Higbee said the work of the committee is going to take some time. It will not be done quickly, and they will bring their recommendations to the board. He said, “We need to have this finished by the end of December.”