By Marinda Lamb

Last Friday, Lincoln County girls volleyball team traveled to Las Vegas to play The Meadows School.

The Lady Lynx were not on top of their game and were defeated by the Lady Mustangs. Lincoln didn’t play horribly. They did have lots of rallies, but they played hesitantly, which caused them to lose point after point. Coach Chantel Holt said, “Unfortunately, we didn’t win because we didn’t think we could win. We went into the game not sure if we could win and we kept waiting for them to give it to us.”

Holt added, “No team is going to give you a game and we basically got our tails handed to us. Once we were finally able to reset and let that go, the games were a lot closer, but it was too late.”

Lincoln didn’t have an answer for Dani Mason, a Meadows junior. She leads the stats in kills. If the Lynx had had confidence and told themselves they could win, they could’ve blocked and dug Mason’s hits, which ultimately sealed the game. Holt also said, “Too often we go into the game with a preconceived idea of what the other team is like instead of just playing our game. It’s like we’ve already decided before we start the game where we’re at.”

The Lady Lynx faced Laughlin yesterday for their Homecoming game.