The final design proposal from American Ramp Company on the Mountain Bike Skills and Bike Park was before the Caliente City Council at a recent special meeting.

Ken Dixon told the council about a contract change order, taking out two ramps and expanding the prefabricated concrete pump track. Discussing the trails themselves, having talked with the county grants administrator and the way things are organized, they had about a $12,000 cushion in the money available for this phase.

Neither the grants administrator nor Ken Dixon were comfortable with this amount and discussed the need to cut or shorten some of the trails. Because some of the additional trails on the higher elevations may be really technical, those could be eliminated, especially for budgetary constraints. A change in the contract stated that the final trail money would be determined by budget and terrain constraints. If the council ran short, this was where they would make cuts.

Mayor Tommy Rowe asked Ken Dixon about the upkeep, once the project is completed. Dixon explained that the project includes a maintenance operational plan.

Rowe was concerned that the project would increase the park budget by about $15,000 a year. He worried that the time spent keeping the parks up to date was causing a lapse in addressing weeds around fire hydrants and back alleys. He wondered who was going to pay for the maintenance.

Councilman Victor Jones said he thought that they could use it from room tax because the park would basically be a tourist draw.

Someone asked if it was the city’s job to take care of the actual trails or just the pump track. He was told that it is in the city’s jurisdiction.

The mayor asked what the council’s pleasure was for the final design.

Jones stated that if it was within budget in the grant and not coming out of the city’s pockets, he’d make a motion to accept.

The motion carried for this and the final design proposal.

Dixon said he would send a notice to proceed and construction will start the first week of October. They have to be finished by the end of December.

The regular meeting was held Sept. 21.