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The annual Health Fair put on by Grover C. Dils Medical Center was well attended once again.

The Grover C. Dils Medical Center (GCDMC) held its annual Health Fair at the Caliente Fire Hall on Sept. 16. As always, it was well attended by both adults and kids interested in new attractions. Tables included IsAgenix, a healthier way to lose weight; doTerra essential oils; and healthy and safe alternatives to prescription drugs. Olsen Senior Center had a table selling raffle tickets for a quilt.

Downwinders provided free cancer screening for people who lived here in Lincoln County and other counties from 1950 through 1962. These screenings were done at the GCD medical clinic. Doctors provide bloodwork and chest x-rays. If anybody was diagnosed with cancer, they walked them through the compensation process stemming from the bomb testing at the Nevada Test Site.

Lorie Powers, outreach coordinator with the Nevada Senior Medicare Patrol said, “We fight Medicare fraud. We go out and educate people on Medicare and their family and caregivers about the fraud, error, and abuses in the Medicare system. It’s actually a $60 billion a year problem. We want people who are on Medicare to never give their number out to anyone and not even carry their Medicare card with them. People on Medicare should also keep a close eye on their statements looking for items and charges for things they did not receive. They can report any problems to the Medicare Patrol at 702-486-3403.

Medicare will be issuing new cards in April 2018. These cards will have a number that does not have a person’s social security number listed.

People need to be aware of scams that are going around about this change. Know that Medicare or Social Security will not be contacting anyone about the new cards. If anyone has questions, they should contact the Patrol to make sure they aren’t being scammed. Always be cautious if someone asks you to provide your social security number, bank account information, or Medicare number.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and Nevada Highway Patrol teamed up to give information on car seat safety and the correct size needed as children grow. They also took fingerprints for the Safe Child Kit, showed what happens when a car rolls in an accident and addressed the importance of buckling up.

In the back corner, blood tests were provided at a reduced rate. This booth was kept very busy by people taking advantage of this service.

People went from table to table getting information, just visiting, and getting to know the health opportunities in the area.