CAPTION – Courtesy Photo
Lincoln’s Baylee Cameron rises up to spike one home as the Lady Lynx played Laughlin during Homecoming last week.

By Marinda Lamb

Lincoln County battled it out with Laughlin last Thursday for Lincoln’s Homecoming game.

Lincoln County was doing really well the first two matches to 25. Coach Chantel Holt said, “It went really well. Unfortunately, Laughlin isn’t as competitive as some of the other teams we play. We did a good job of staying strong in the first game. But when it came to the chance of being done in four games, mentally, we let it go. Which is something we really need to work on. Constantly.”

The girls went on runs of serves. Laughlin had a hard time getting the ball back over the net. Lincoln was prepared for anything to come back at them on the first contact. However, they weren’t as prepared for what was coming the next game. The girls had really hoped to end the matches in four sets.

Holt said, “We could’ve been done in four, but we would let them go on a run of serves. Then we’d be so mad at ourselves that we’d let them get even closer. There is not going to be a team we play that is going to give it to us. We just have to realize it and play that way. We have to choose to win.”

The Lady Lynx had won the first two, but the points were a little too close for comfort. Lincoln knew they could do better. The Cougars must have also thought that because they came back swinging. Lincoln wasn’t expecting that turn of events. The next set actually went pretty well for the Lady Lynx, but the second Laughlin stole it from Lincoln by just a few points.

In the final set to 15, the home squad kicked it into gear, made it 15, and managed to keep the Cougars under 10 points.

Because Laughlin wasn’t the toughest team out there, Holt made a lot of substitutes and changes throughout the game. Holt said, “I think changing things up built team comradery [and] gave everyone a chance to play. It was a good experience to show that we do have options, even though we don’t always use them.”

Today, the Lady Lynx play at home against Calvary at 3 and 4 p.m.