The Alamo Town Board met Sept. 13.

The prisoners worked on repairing the softball field. They will come back next week to finish the softball field and work on the rest of the fields and children’s park.

The Road Department has been fixing up the roads around town with cold patches.

Brad Loveday made a request for ordering more red dirt for the fields. The board will table this request until next month when they can look at the budget.

The paint was ordered to repaint the crosswalks in front of the schools. Some buckling has been noticed in the sidewalk as well. Plans to repair the concrete sidewalk will be made in the coming months.

Robin Rowley, from the Friends of Pahranagat Valley, gave an update on the Alamo Splash Pad. There was a test run of the system after the electricity was hooked up. The plan is to build an enclosure around the pump to lock up and keep the equipment safe. Loveday offered to donate blocks towards the enclosure.

The board also discussed putting pea gravel about eight to ten feet around the Splash Pad, about two inches thick, and then the Friends of Pahranagat Valley would like to install grass leading up to the gravel.

There will be a preview of the Splash Pad later this month.

Lonny Walch informed those present that there will be a county-wide hazmat drill on Oct. 9. Those involved with emergency response in the area will practice an Emergency Operations Center.

There will also be evacuations practiced in schools, where they will bus the kids to a location, count heads, bus back, and practice reunification with parents so everyone is on the same page.

If parents are interested in participating in the reunification part of the drill, contact Mike Sparrow. This will take place between 12 and 12:30 p.m. before the students are dismissed for the day.

Lastly, there will be a table-top and hazmat decontamination drill.