Courtesy photos
Lincoln County High School Homecoming court was introduced during halftime of the football game.

By Marinda Lamb

Lincoln County High School kicked off its Homecoming last Thursday. Students spent their afternoon working on posters for the poster bash. Each class makes a big poster based on the theme, with this year being the Hall of Fame. The juniors won this year’s poster bash with their class poster.

This year was different from the normal Homecoming routine. Because of the school play, students had to switch their normal Friday game to Thursday. So school started bright and early on Monday morning. The assembly for that day was put on by the cheerleaders. The student body learned new cheers and dances and the school song. Then the classes competed in the dances and cheers. The juniors won the dance and the seniors won the cheers.

Monday night was a school movie night. Students camped out in the Lynx Lair to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.”

Tuesday was the talent show. We saw some amazing acts. Aaron Kim won the individual acts with his outstanding guitar playing. Thomas Gloeckner and Abigail Loverme came up second and third with their great voices. Seniors won the class talent. They had impersonated the teachers. Juniors were a close second, thanks to Damon Liveri rocking the show singing “Fireflies” by Owl City.

The LCHS staff should also get mentioned; they did a great job of impersonating the football team.

That night, Powderpuff was on. It was an intense game. Puff was freshman and seniors. The powder was sophomores and juniors. Natalia Romero was the quarterback for Powder. In the first quarter, she ran the ball and scored Powder their first touchdown right off the bat. However, they failed to get the two-point conversion. The powder was able to stop Puff from scoring all the way up until the third quarter. Brooklyn Hafen ran to get the touchdown. Puff also managed to get the extra two points.

Neither team scored in the fourth quarter. The final score was 8-6, Puff. Although the juniors lost Powderpuff they won the halftime dance. Amy Gloeckner did an amazing job of choreographing a great dance for the boys. It was original and well done.

Wednesday night, the Lynx Lair hosted the tailgate dinner. Then parents, alumni, and students alike headed down to the gym for the alumni assembly. They recognized all the alumni who ran cross country or played football or volleyball and asked them to come up to cheer on the students playing in the games the next day. We had a few alumni comedians speak.

Anna Gloeckner brought back her band from high school, called “Split Infinity.” This was definitely a highlight of the assembly, especially for the students. Bailey Dougan put together a video for the assembly, a compilation of the events of the past week. She did a really good job.

Thursday morning, the school made breakfast for all the students. Then the students from all three towns dispersed to their towns to collect cans for the food drive they do every year. Seniors collected the most cans, so they won the points for that event. It was announced that they won homecoming all together with juniors in second, freshman in third, and sophomores in last. For the first time in years, the marching band also performed.

For freshman royalty, Kobe Kelley and Ellie Frehner won. Bailey Dougan and Dylan Robinson won for sophomores. Noah Smith and Kendra Mathews won for juniors. Joanna Cuevas and Jack Butler, and Sadie Teel and Spencer Mull were princes and princesses for the senior class. Landen Smith and Brynlee Wadsworth won Homecoming King and Queen.

Terry Avery mentioned to some of the students that this was the best Homecoming he’s ever seen. I think the student body would agree.