By Marinda Lamb

Calvary and Lincoln battled it out this past weekend. Calvary is a competitive team, high up in our league. The Lady Lynx combatted them very well. In the first match, the Lady Lynx had a lead of at least 6 points. The score was 12-6 and when Calvary started to get up, Lincoln’s mental game went down. They gave up their lead. The girls became hesitant to hit and the passes began to suffer. Coach Holt said, “Lincoln has more of a mental game to win rather than a physical game. When we were up by that much we should’ve won. After giving up that lead, I think we were unsure of what had just happened and started to second guess ourselves. In a night where you play 2 sets back to back the mental game is huge because you have to be able to reset quickly. Calvary has a few good hitters and two really good passers that covered most of the court. When you have passers like that it’s hard to get a ball down. Our outside and opposite hitters started to get timid. Once we get timid in hitting we start tipping. Tipping against a really good defense is like a cake walk for them. They would get it up to a free ball and hit it right back at us. It made our job more difficult. We did well because we still kept up but it wasn’t aggressive to win the game.”

The next match was also close. Lincoln and Calvary were neck and neck the whole way until p pushed a little harder than Lincoln did and won the second game too. Many games the Lady Lynx play end up just like that. Losing within just a few points. The girls need to start to push ahead and want to be on the other side of that. Be the team that starts winning by a few points. The first match of the 2nd set went the same. Lincoln kept up with Calvary for the first few until Calvary pushed ahead. Then once again, Lincoln’s mental game to in the way. After that one, the girls were fired up. It was their last chance to get the game to where they want it. They made a few changes and moved some players around. It was the change they needed to get back into it but it wasn’t quite enough. They ended up losing by two. Coach Holt said, “In the 4th game we had turned it around. But we didn’t turn it around enough. We were ahead near the end, but when it was all said and done we just weren’t strong enough to finish it.

Kailey Kelley made a huge difference in this game. She is a senior and has been a middle hitter all her high school career. Due to a player being gone, she had to learn to be an outside hitter in just 3 days. And she did very well. She managed to stay aggressive and when we were front row we were able to help turn games around and win crucial points. It was one of the changes the Lady Lynx needed.