CAPTION – Courtesy Photo
Lincoln’s Elijah Harr kicks an extra point during action against Calvary last week.

By Marinda Lamb

Calvary Chapel witnessed first hand what Lincoln football is all about. Start of the game, Lincoln was on the kick return. Calvary launched a kick right to Noah Smith who ran it in for the first touchdown. Thanks to Elijah Harr, Alex Vincent, and some fumbles, Lincoln got the ball back. Landen Smith was handed the ball and pushed through Calvary’s defense, but was finally tackled just yards from a touchdown. However, he set it up for an easy play. Mason Thornock threw Harr the 5-yard pass to score. Harr also kicked the field goal for an extra point. The boys played some hard defense and jumped right back into the offense. Thornock threw a pass to Landen Smith and he ran it in for yet another touchdown. The Lynx were on fire and it was still only the first quarter. Vincent sacked the quarterback, pushing Calvary back a few on offense. Calvary punted it, Smith caught the ball and once again got us a few yards away from the end zone. Next play, Matt Harr was handed the ball and gained some crucial yards. Thornock passed it right to Kamdon Lewis who scored the next touchdown. Elijah Harr added another point with his kick. By the end of the first quarter, it was 32-0, Lynx.

In the second quarter, the Lions got their act together. They were finally able to break the red brick wall and get a touchdown. The defense kicked in on the 2 point conversion so they wouldn’t get those 2 extra points. Thornock got an interception, then ran for another touchdown. Plus the field goal. Our boys did really well on defense, giving Calvary no chance. The Lions were tackled as soon as their hands would wrap around the ball. Somehow, one play was able to slip by Lincoln. Calvary was able to get their 2nd and final touchdown of the night. It was just touchdown after touchdown for the Lynx all night long. Thornock kept the ball and ran it up the middle for the touchdown. We switched to defense. On Calvary’s 4th down they punted the ball right to Landen Smith who once again took it all the way to the end zone.

The 3rd quarter was just as good as the 2nd. Dean Ottley runs it in for a touchdown. Noah Smith doesn’t quit. He had the ball and at least 5 Calvary boys trying to stop him but he just would not go down. Finally, they were able to tackle him but just yards before the end zone. Enabling Ottley to get a touchdown once again. Harr’s field goal was good and we were back on kick off.

4th quarter, Noah Smith had an interception, helping the Lynx gain a few yards. The Lynx played hard and did really well. Coach Wadsworth said, “They were as strong as we expected, but we had our game plan that we executed and succeeded. Our goal for every game is to shut them out but you know sometimes we make mistakes and they make good plays and it just doesn’t happen. It was a good game. We did well in all aspects, which is always an important thing.”