The Great Basin Riders gathered for another Gymkhana at the Whipple Ranch on Sept. 30. The event had been rescheduled from earlier in the month due to weather.

Dillon Baker, 9, of Lund, rode his mule George in the events. This is the first time mules have participated. Baker has been riding by himself since he was five. He comes from a ranching family and his favorite event is barrels.

Baker said, “I like riding because it is fun and relaxing.”

Marcee Jensen, 37, of Sunnyside, rode her horse, Tee. Jensen has been riding since she was three years old. She has always just loved horses and teaching the local kids to ride when they ask for help. Her favorite event is poles.

When asked what she likes about riding, Jensen related, “I like teaching horses new things.”

Gemma Herman, 8, of Alamo, rode Tank. Herman has been riding for a year. She says her favorite event is flags. She started riding because she used to ride all the time with her grandpa.

Herman expressed, “My favorite thing about riding is spending time with my horse.”

So far, the high point leaders in each age group are Kimber Leatham for Leadline; Gemma Herman for Walk/Trot; 6 and under is Ernest Higbee; 7-9-year-olds is Evie Davis; 10-13-year-olds is Violet Tillman; 14-18-year-olds is Heidi Young; 18-39-year-olds is Marcee Jensen, and 40 and over is Mel Johnson.

The results of the Gymkhana are posted on their Facebook Group, Great Basin Riders.