By Collin Anderson

This past Tuesday, the Pioche town board was able to gather together to help solve some of the issues that face its community. One of the largest of these issues was the possibility of handing over control of the public utilities to the county-wide entities. In response, and in the interest of the populace that they represent, the board sent out a survey explaining three different options to the citizens of Pioche in hopes of both sharing information as well as giving the people of the town the opportunity to have their voices heard.

The three options, as explained in the survey were: one, Pioche could retain complete control of its utilities. Two, Pioche could give the Lincoln County Power District control over the power in their town, but retain control over the water. Third, they could hand over both water and power to Lincoln.

Over 500 surveys were sent out, and while only 242 were returned, the board was surprised by the turnout.

The votes were received, and before the votes were counted there was a small issue with some of the responses containing checks to pay for certain utilities. Though the survey said not to do so, the board moved to forgive the late fees for the few people who had either had to cancel their checks or been directed to repay their debt due to this misunderstanding. As soon as this problem was dealt with, the counting began.

The votes were first separated into their various options, and as soon as that was over with, the winner became obvious. Nonetheless, the votes were still counted, with option number one winning in a landslide with 157 votes, option number two receiving 55 votes, and option number three receiving only 30 votes. Since option number one won with more than sixty percent of the vote, the board agreed to give their recommendation to the commissioners this coming Monday that Pioche should retain full control over its own utilities.