CAPTION – Courtesy Photo
Sadie Teel rises up for the hit as Lincoln took on Needles last week.

By Marinda Lamb

The drive to Needles, Calif. was long, but Lincoln County High School’s Lady Lynx made it worth the trip by beating Needles in both matches last Friday.

Once again, the girls had some more change in positions. Kailey Kelley is still getting used to the outside position and it was Sadie Teel’s first time in the opposite position. Despite the middle-of-the-season changes, they did very well.

“We again tried a new offense,” Holt said. “We had to against Calvary and decided to keep it the same. We really fine-tuned it this game.”

Serves and passes have proved a challenge for Lincoln so far this year, and Lincoln had a bit of a slow start, but the team still won the first game 25-22. The Lady Lynx did even better in the second game, winning 25-17, Lincoln.

For the second match, Coach Chantel Holt did more switching around. Some girls who hadn’t played the set previous had to get warmed up again to beat Needles. This time it just took them a little longer. The first game was another 25-22 win. However, Lincoln lost by two in the second game due to some missed serves and shanked passes. Needles had one girl, Paige Murch, who could kill the ball.

The girls regrouped in the last game with a 15-3 win. Sadie Teel contributed to that win most to the team. Her blocks and hits helped them pull ahead in the last game.

“I think the way we played them in the last game was how we should’ve played them the whole time,” Holt said. “We were slower to start on the last set because once you beat a team two or three times, mentally it’s hard to just do it again.

Although some of the matches were a little rocky, the girls did a good job of pushing through and finishing strong.

On Tuesday the Lady Lynx hosted Pahranagat Valley and lost 3-0 to the Lady Panthers.

Lincoln (10-11, 8-4) is at Mountain View (0-10, 0-10) today starting at 12 p.m.