By Collin Anderson

On Sept. 12, the Pioche Town Board was able to meet to discuss the needs of their town, beginning with some public comments.

They first heard from Peggy Decker, who was hoping that the town board would assist in saving the old Scott building, which has been condemned. The board responded by saying that the issue, while not directly a town issue but a NDOT problem, was attended to with a letter that the board sent recently.

According to Nathan Adams, the state’s response was basically, “do you want the building or do you want the highway?”

The board was then asked by Malinda Rabender about the deer issue, which the board responded to by explaining that a letter had been sent to the department of wildlife, while Glen Zelch commented that he had spoken to a game warden who would speak at their next meeting.

After the public comments, the board approved the minutes from the last month (with the exception of a spelling error), and then noted the $100 donation for the town hall and the $275 donation for the free RV park.

The board then discussed collecting surveys and a possible adjustment to the park sprinkler system (a design and quote are forthcoming).

Then the board discussed a possible ordinance for the RV park because some people were staying too long and were reserving spots, all of which cannot be enforced because the standing rules are informal.

After discussing the repair of the rodeo well and the request for more information on the subject, the board discussed how much Lincoln Links Golf pays for its water, determining that they should pay the same as the cemeteries. The motion was seconded and passed.

After the board discussed some repairs around town, the closing public comment section brought out an issue from the Labor Day celebrations: trash. According to Tayler Reifsnyder, the park was left in disrepair after the celebration, which is a problem that needs to be attended to, as well as upkeep of the park in general (there were some holes in the grass that caused people to trip).

The meeting was then adjourned.