By Collin Anderson

The Lincoln County School Board met this last Thursday.

The meeting started with the monthly approval of the agenda and the minutes, followed by the school reports. There was a lot shared during this portion of the meeting, starting with Pioche Elementary. They began by saying that their fire week (the week of the year where they practice fire drills and learn more about school safety) was wrapping up and that they were very happy with the amount of support they had from their community and the board.

They continued by giving an update on the Summit Learning Program, which they put into practice via their sixth-grade pilot program this year. They said that the program has been going well and that they even have a growth team from Summit that is going to visit their school soon to help expand and refine the program further. They invited the board to check out the program so they could see for themselves how effective it has been.

After that, the board heard from Panaca Elementary. According to their representative, their fire week had just ended as well and they were happy with all the support for that and for the Community Cares activity. They went on to give a brief report on the upcoming field trip, where the kindergarten through third-grade classes will go to Staheli Farms in St. George, while the rest of the students will visit a wildlife preserve.

Finally, they wrapped up their report with a reminder that their Halloween Carnival will be held Oct. 21. Everyone is invited.

Next up was Meadow Valley Middle School, which talked about their recent Constitution Day, which was very successful, and their November pride trip. They plan on taking the kids to play laser tag.

Then the board heard from Lincoln County High School, which was pleased to report that their homecoming week went very well. The board was even shown a slideshow of all the students helping prepare the school and having fun in the process. The representative from the school was very pleased with how the student body leaders took control of the operation, and in the opinion of some, it was one of the best homecomings ever.

After a quick report on Career Day, the discussion turned towards the upcoming D.C. trip, and a tentative schedule was shared. This schedule included the stops they would make and the places they would visit, including the “Newseum,” a museum dedicated to free speech and freedom of the press. They also added that the entire schedule was subject to change in the meantime.

Next, Caliente Elementary shared its recent experience with a different take on parent involvement: Bring Your Parent to P.E. Day. Their representative pointed out that while parents are often invited to assemblies and meetings, they don’t get to experience their child’s day-to-day activities. With Bring Your Parent to P.E. Day, the parents can actually get involved with their kids and the teachers, helping strengthen the bond between the members of the community and the school.

They wrapped things up by stating that their “Bring a Buddy to Lunch” day was also a grand success, and then announced that their Halloween Carnival would be held on Oct. 28.

Lastly, Pahranagat Valley announced that they have a corn maze activity coming up and that their emergency prep days went well. Many first responders were brought in to help teach the kids about being ready for any kind of emergency, and both teachers and students found the education they received informative and entertaining. They wrapped up with a teaching technique that one of the teachers had discovered: using music to help kids learn. While music classes are very important in the entire county, this English teacher discovered that by using music he could help his kids understand things like metaphors and correct grammar.

After the school reports, the board approved the payment of bills, approved a class size reduction, and approved the Southern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program requirement letter that the superintendent is going to send.

The winter sports schedules for the high schools were then passed (with a handful of questions about the upcoming hydration tests).

The board went over some very minor changes in the district’s discipline plans, and lastly, they approved the E-rate application that could return some of their grant money.