Courtesy photo
Lincoln County High School students at the JAG swearing-in ceremony recently.

Submitted by Londyn McGinty

Lincoln County High School students are taking part in the Jobs For America’s Graduates (JAG) program.

JAG is a national nonprofit organization that teaches high school students the skills needed to be more successful in school and life. JAG focuses on graduation, maturity, career readiness, finance skills, leadership skills, and goal setting.

JAG’s main goal is to first make sure students meet the requirements to graduate. JAG tracks grades and helps students stay on top of their work. Maturity and goal setting are another big focus in the classroom. Students complete an Individual Development Plan which helps them set and keep goals focused on their interests and abilities. JAG also targets career readiness. Students work to build their own resumes and learn to write cover letters, as well as practicing interviews and doing career research. Financial skills are also taught, such as personal finance, budgeting, taxes, and insurance.

All these skills are taught through hands on, project-based learning. Guest speakers, student-created projects, job shadowing, community service, speed interviewing, competitions, and conferences are all vehicles used to teach life skills.

The career association is a club designed specifically for JAG students. The students hold elections for student body officers. As officers, students fulfill the duties of their offices, learn real-world leadership skills, and develop work ethic skills.

JAG students have learned many skills that they use in their daily lives. JAG teaches students how to deal with personal issues and how to ready themselves for their future. For example, they had a Career Week that opened the students’ eyes to many options in the career fields they have interests in. JAG helps students get more excited for their future because JAG helps them feel more confident in their abilities.