The Alamo Town Board met October 11.

Fertilizing was approved again and has been ordered for the schools to use in the coming week.

There were discussions about the bathrooms used for the Splash Pad. In the spring, when it reopens for use, if it is a planned activity the town board will have someone open and close the bathrooms before and after the event.

The High School Rodeo will be in Alamo Nov. 3-5. The board asked about having the people clean up the stalls and areas before leaving. It would be very helpful. The board can’t look at augmenting the budget until the end of December, early January, so it will be added to a later agenda. They would like to augment the budget to cover summer help and red dirt for all of the ballfields. If they approve the augmenting of the budget, then the board can put through the order for the dirt in the next couple of months before the new season starts.