By Marinda Lamb

Lincoln County High School’s volleyball team had their last home game and senior night on Thursday, October 26. Seniors Kailey Kelley(outside hitter), Brooklyn Hafen(outside hitter), and Sadie Teel(opposite hitter) were recognized.

The Lady Lynx were facing Democracy Prep for their last league game before the postseason. Coach Holt said, “We were able to stay ahead and have a nice, fun game for senior night. We had a lot of really good hits and we were able to work on some passing. However, Democracy isn’t the most competitive team. It wasn’t good preparation for divisions this weekend.” The Lady Lynx were 4th in their league before this game. It was just the team they needed to play to get in the spot they wanted.

The Lady Lynx were able to keep the Blue Knights under 10 points in all but the third game. The only difference in that game to the others was the girls let too many passes go. The Blue Knights went on a run of 6 or 7 serves because they couldn’t get a pass up. Lincoln got back on track after that. They still beat the Blue Knights by over 10 points.

Holt also said, “We played well but Democracy still got more points than they should’ve. And it’s not because of what they were doing, it was because of what we’re not doing.”

Lincoln County traveled to Pahranagat Valley to play Alamo once more on Monday, October 30. This game went a lot better than last time. The Lady Lynx played more of their game against Alamo instead of just shutting down and giving it to them. Kylee Cameron, Kendra Mathews, Sadie Teel, and Baylee Cameron were able to help shut down one of their best hitters, Karley Whipple, with their blocks. A huge advantage to the Lady Lynx. However, Lincoln still lost every match because of serve receive. Holt said, “Every match, we gave away half of the game with missed passes. We definitely came more prepared than last time, with our defense and blocking. Alamo’s an aggressive team, but we were right there. For defense, we got a lot of balls, and the ones that we didn’t get we were right in reach of getting.” Coach Holt is thinking about changing the rotations for serve receive this week by putting our best passers in the back row to pass every time.

Saturday, November 4th, the Lady Lynx head to Laughlin to play Calvary Chapel for divisions.