CAPTION – Kristina Lloyd
Lynx junior Noah Smith tries to turn the corner with a slew of Democracy Prep defenders in pursuit.

By Marinda Lamb

The Lynx played their last league home game on Friday, shutting out Democracy Prep 41-0.

It was the Lynx fourth shutout of the season.

Lincoln started off on a kick return. They slowly but surely made their way down the field, moving only a few yards per play. Democracy gets the ball. They punted to the Lynx for 4th down. A few plays later, Dean Ottley was handed the ball and he pushed through the defense to get the first touchdown for the Lynx. The 2 point conversion failed and Lynx was on kick off. Democracy was shut down by Lynx defense. The Blue Knight’s quarterback threw a pass and Noah Smith got the interception, running it back down the field. By getting that interception, Smith set himself up for the next touchdown. He was handed the ball and ran it in. Lynx decided to run a fire play which is when they look like they will kick a field goal but actually pass it in. Landen Smith caught the pass and earned 2 more points. Lynx is back on defense. Thanks to tackles and Democracy throwing a couple of incomplete passes, the Lynx are quickly back on offense.

The second quarter starts and right off the bat Mason Thornock runs 7 yards for another touchdown. Noah Smith gets the 2 point conversion. Once again, Democracy doesn’t get far. They punt on 4th down. Landen Smith catches it and runs it back. Lynx fumble and Democracy recovers it, giving Lincoln no chance to score this time. However, they are stopped right in their tracks. Tackle after tackle, until Lynx regain possession. It was a rough start. There was a fumble with the snap and Thornock recovers it. Next play, Noah Smith was handed the ball and ran it down the field. After a few more plays, Noah Smith ran it 5 yards for another touchdown.

3rd quarter, Democracy got close to scoring with a long pass down the field. Kamdon Lewis got the tackle, keeping the Blue Knights at 0. Back on offense, Smith was handed the ball and ran 27 yards for another touchdown. Elijah Harr kicked for another point.

On defense in the 4th quarter, Kamdon Lewis got an interception. It was caught at the end zone and next play Smith got the ball and ran 72 yards for the final touchdown.

Friday, November 3rd at 6 the Lynx play Lake Mead for divisions at home.