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Thomas Smallwood, 4, as a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Halloween Carnival presented by the Pahranagat Valley High School Student Council in the school’s multi-purpose room.

Pahranagat Valley High School students held their annual Halloween Carnival at the multi-purpose room at the school on Oct. 28. It was a little earlier than usual, for it is normally done on Halloween night, but none of the kids minded.

The children came dressed in costumes, painted faces, and special dresses, all ready for a fun time playing the numerous carnival games that each of the high school classes had set up.

Best costume for the evening was most likely that of Thomas Smallwood, age 4, dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Mike Sparrow, the PVHS senior class advisor, said the student council, under the leadership of president Madalyn Taylor, organizes and presents the carnival.  “It’s a community-based venture,” he said, “and we’ve had a lot of support throughout the years. A little different when we are not doing it on Halloween itself, but there are still a lot of people that love to come. It’s a good fundraiser for the classes, also an opportunity for the classes to pay back to the community, and gives the kids a chance to come out and enjoy themselves.”

There was even a Haunted House that proved to be fairly extensive as it started in the main hall of the school building, went down the east hall, and even outdoors. It was full of thrills, chills, and frights. Some of the older kids ventured through it more than once.

Taylor said the members of the student council decide what games to have and the money raised from the sale of tickets for a given game go to that particular class. “It’s one way of raising money for their senior trip when they graduate.”

Sparrow said, “We typically keep things pretty close to what they have done in the past years. Seniors have first priority for ideas of choosing the games, then juniors, and so forth. The council members then take their ideas to a joint student council meeting, to avoid any redundancy of games, and everybody knows what carnival booths they are going to run in the multi-purpose room.”

On the stage at the multi-purpose room was the Cakewalk game. One man said his young granddaughter would not leave until she won. “Took several times,” he noted, “cost me $6.20.”

The elementary school kids also held their annual Halloween Parade in Alamo on Tuesday.