The Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire District met Oct 25.

Ryan Rhodes, EMT Coordinator, reported he and Trish Schofield went to the EMS expo exhibit hall in Las Vegas. He talked about his findings with the different ambulance manufacturers and how Crestline brand is preferable for the price. Rhodes also spent time with Jones and Bartlett, who provides curriculum for certification courses. Schofield voiced that she wants a jack stabilization for car wrecks.

The AFG (Assistance to Firefighter) grant opens up in December. The fire district’s older ambulance is from 1999. The grant expressed that they would have to put the old one out of service for the grant. The district wouldn’t be able to keep the old one in inventory. To receive the grant, the ambulance being replaced would have to be between 12-15 years old. The board asked Brittany Smallwood to add notes that the district needs more than two ambulances. They have accidents where more than two ambulances are needed to take care of patients. The district didn’t receive the Lowe’s grant for defibrillators. Also, the SCBAs weren’t approved through an AFG grant.

Roberta Park, Emergency Management Chair, said she was really impressed with the school drills. Everyone has been on the same emergency plan from elementary to middle to high school, so the students all know what they are doing starting at a young age. Park expressed that the community is really isolated here. This valley needs to have the ability to move in whatever direction with whom we have here. If there is a school event, there should be some control with fire trucks and other vehicles blocking the area to keep people from coming on the scene.

Park talked to Mike Strong and Mike Sparrow and decided that the middle school needs to keep the front entrance of the breezeway locked from the outside so people can’t get off the highway and go into the building. The community needs to keep their eyes open and be more aware of what is occurring around them.

When Nevada Highway Patrol trained the teachers, they stressed to them that assailants won’t be merciful or caring. Park thought the timing of the drill compared to what happened in Vegas on Oct. 1 helped put things in perspective.

The county commissioners are looking to replace retiring Rick Stever’s position in the Lincoln County Fire District. His position is crucial since it can keep communication open with the State for Emergency Response. Hopefully, the new person will keep good communication with Pahranagat Valley as well.

In the fire chief report, Steve Meldrum mentioned having Entry Level Firefighter (ELF) certification move forward to the burn trailer.

Lastly, the audit hasn’t been completed yet due to the unexpected death of Bret Whipple’s associate.